Focus on the issue before publishing a post on your Blog

Many of us blogging.Anyone blogging on own blog and again on a community blog.
Those who are trying to do professional blogging or trying to blogging with their own blog, today we will share some important tips for them.
Those tips will focus on the issues before publishing a post on your blog ....

❇ Article Revision

Before posting a blog, it will be well revisioned. If there is any discrepancy in the post it will be caught. If you have any problems in the formation of sentences, you can fix it. If you can read the entire post by a third party like book authors, then it is best.This will give you a quick idea about your reader's demand.

❇Content Sorted

80% success in a blog depends on sorted content. But the matter is not so easy. Sorting the content is a challenging subject. Write what you want to describe in a language not written in a difficult language, in a fluent and serene language. So that readers are easy to understand. Avoid using large sentences, use the small text to highlight the information. If you want to give different information, first decide what to do after any information. Prevent yourself from providing random information. If you want to publish something with force, then BOLD it.

❇Use of Keyword

Use of keywords correctly of any blog are very important for onpage SEO. For this reason, choose the keywords you need from Google Analytics. Try to select keywords that are moderate to search volumes and comparisons. I think it is enough to use 2 keywords 7-8 times in a 700-800 word post. But the long tails keywords are good because I have achieved success with Long Tail Keyword. Even then, the whole thing depends on the search engine that it will take you as a keyword in this article.

❇ Inter Linking

It's a good effort for your blogs. If the related post is linked to an old post from the newly released content of your blog, it will be helpful for the reader as well as help in the ranking of search engines. However, if you have hyperlinks from the content.

❇ Use of Image

Being lazed is not getting image posted in the post! As a result, you are losing readers of your blog. Use relevant images where you need the post. Must have photo title and alt tag exactly . It's extremely important for search engines. Avoid using random and any images yourself. Using appropriate pictures will make your post more attractive. Please specify the photo credits and the source if necessary.

❇Call to Action

Many people may have heard of this but do not know the exact way to do it. It's straight forward - you've delivered a message to the reader via your post. Now tell them what to do or what they shouldn't do. It may be that you want to buy your product or comment or sign up on your newsletter. Whatever the matter - clearly and firmly present it. And CALL TO ACTION Put the button at the top or bottom of the post.

If you can post your blog in compliance with these issues, then hopefully you will be successful.

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